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We specialise in the safe removal of trees, whether for safety, construction projects, or to enhance your landscape.

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Don’t overlook the importance of deadwood removal—it’s not just about tree health; it’s about safety. With the potential for falling debris to threaten people and property below, it’s crucial to address deadwood before it becomes a hazard.


At Tree Of Life, we understand the risks associated with deadwood. Strong winds and shedding can turn deadwood into dangerous projectiles, posing threats to both people and property. 


Whether it’s overhanging roads, footpaths, or areas with public access, our expert team is here to provide timely and efficient deadwood removal services, ensuring your trees remain a source of beauty and not a liability.

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What our clients say about us.

Ben and his team have been excellent. I had a very large tree which sadly needed to be removed and Ben and his team took me through the process with real professionalism.

The job was completed on time, and the guys cleared up beautifully.
Great work and absolutely recommended.
Giorgio Framalicco
The most pleasing experience, lots of tree work and neglected overgrown hedges to deal with, perfect teamwork, huge old Sycamore thinned and trimmed carefully to retain a natural look, not butchered at all! We couldn’t recommend this Tree of Life more; polite and considerate throughout a very hard three days of heavy work!
Vernon White
A brilliant job very easily arranged and very efficiently done with care and great generosity of spirit. Our yew hedge and nearby yew tree is now trim, tidy and looking good for another year. The guys were very helpful, left the garden tidy...tidier than when they arrived...and checked that we were happy with everything. We certainly are.
Nick J

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