Tree felling & removal

We specialise in the safe removal of trees, whether for safety, construction projects, or to enhance your landscape.

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Working in Hampshire and the surrounding areas, we offer a tailored tree felling and removal service that meets your exact requirements whilst minimising disruptions.


After felling the tree, our team of fully qualified and experienced arborists will efficiently remove it from the site either in sections or with our specialised chipper.

We can also completely remove the stump, giving you a clean slate for your landscaping needs.

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We offer a tailored solution for any situation.

When cutting down trees, we aim to minimise the presence of stumps. If necessary, we can use our stump grinding machinery to eliminate both the stump and any visible roots, especially if they pose an obstruction or are unsightly.


Our tree felling and removal services are not a one-size-fits-all solution; we tailor each project to meet your specific situation and requirements.


With our team’s expertise and experience in tree care and removal, we can offer advice on the best approach to nurture your planted areas or safely remove trees with minimal disruption and mess, all while being mindful of the surrounding environment.


If you have any concerns about trees on your property or require tree removal for any reason, contact our team for an assessment tailored to your needs.

About our tree felling and removals services.

If you’re clearing trees for an extension or outbuilding, making space for a new landscaping project, or dealing with a dying tree, our tree felling and removal service is tailored to your exact needs.


Sometimes, removing a tree is necessary to foster the growth of other plants in the area, and our team can assist you in making that decision if you need clarification on why a wooded area isn’t thriving as expected.


In situations where there’s ample space, we can safely fell a tree from the bottom, ensuring it falls in the desired direction with minimal impact on surrounding plant life.

However, in tighter spaces, we employ a method known as ‘dismantling,’ where the tree is taken apart section by section from the top to avoid damage to nearby structures and minimise risk to the surrounding areas.

What our clients say about us.

Ben and his team have been excellent. I had a very large tree which sadly needed to be removed and Ben and his team took me through the process with real professionalism.

The job was completed on time, and the guys cleared up beautifully.
Great work and absolutely recommended.
Giorgio Framalicco
The most pleasing experience, lots of tree work and neglected overgrown hedges to deal with, perfect teamwork, huge old Sycamore thinned and trimmed carefully to retain a natural look, not butchered at all! We couldn’t recommend this Tree of Life more; polite and considerate throughout a very hard three days of heavy work!
Vernon White
A brilliant job very easily arranged and very efficiently done with care and great generosity of spirit. Our yew hedge and nearby yew tree is now trim, tidy and looking good for another year. The guys were very helpful, left the garden tidy...tidier than when they arrived...and checked that we were happy with everything. We certainly are.
Nick J

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